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Church Safety


Abuse Prevention Policies and Procedures

Abuse is a very real and quite often, a very devastating occurrence leaving no sector of society untouched. No group, religion, culture, or class of people is immune.

As a family of believers we share the responsibility to care for and to protect one another. Through our creation God bestowed upon us an inherent special concern for children and the vulnerable members of society (Matthew18 :6-9)

Although we cannot hope to eliminate abuse in the church by writing a policy statement for the care of one another, we hope to implement a few preventative measures. Through observing these measures we can keep our church a place where children are able to learn in safety; and all those involved with ministering to others are able to do so without the threat of false accusation or suspicion.



  These policies and procedures apply to everyone in the Lucknow Community Christian Reformed Church. (Lucknow CCRC) and pertain to all on-and off-site activities. Lucknow CCRC Council, through the Abuse Response Team ensures that volunteers and paid staff adhere to this policy.

For more information on the abuse prevention policy and procedures, please click here


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